Questioning the Test

Why do we complain or think that we will never go through test and trials?

Sometimes. . .Pain

Sometimes. . .Pain

When we seek to achieve things in life, there is normally a test or process to acquire what we desire.

Why is it that we think things will be different with God?

If I want to know what you are capable of handling, I will ask a series of questions, administer a series of test or ask you to present proof of what you have done in this area before I trust you to handle the task.

Why not with God? Don’t ask “Why me?” Say, “God, I cannot wait to see what You have for me after this test. Must be awesome. Thank you!”

Now stop complaining and doubting what God can do. There’s pain in training and development. There’s discomfort, too. Be positive. Things will happen. Embrace the challenge. Smile. Enjoy each day.

Kreatively Synt to enjoy the process

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