The Qualities of Cooking


We spend much time growing food, prepping food, serving food and enjoying food.

Many business transactions, celebrations, discussions, and other life events — from simple to complex — center around food.

Of them all, none is better than the family table.

Parents have made decisions and taught life lessons from the kitchen to the table. One of my favorite apps simplifies the quality of food in relation to communication – Open Table.

While we live in the “social” media age of sharing online for many to see, have we lost the quality of the essence of an open table? Those moments when all devices used to be off and people connect intimately … where the aroma of cooking draws everyone in for a moment of “the pleasure of your company.”

I enjoyed such a moment yesterday with my godson. He’s always eager to learn how to cook his favorite dishes. Yesterday was chicken alfredo pasta. The lesson started via text (technology has many great points – not all bad) and ended with a moment of sharing “the pleasure” of each other’s company.


What enhanced the quality of the cooking was the moment a relative dealing with Alzheimer’s joined us. I enjoyed watching a young man take the time to enjoy the pleasure of the company of an elderly man. Not many youth will sit and listen to stories of old, especially when the same story is repeated over and over. Yet, each time, he listened and responded as the first time. He didn’t grow tired of hearing GM and the 60 Pontiac Bonneville.

How is the quality of your cooking? How often are you drawn to an open table to enjoy the pleasures that good food brings? When drawn, are you intimate (having a very close relationship: very warm and friendly)? Are you creating moments that will last a lifetime?

Don’t forget to enjoy the most valuable qualities of cooking!

Kreatively Synt To Enjoy An Open Table


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2 responses to “The Qualities of Cooking

  1. From a friend who finally embraced technology but has yet to learn the ins and outs of apps and other media; thanks for the response Shed; at least you are texting and with emojis😉; you should be writing:

    “You have made me hungry, not for the plate you’ve created, but instead the point that was served up so deliciously! It’s time for us all to stop starving ourselves from a full course of communication! We will never be able to benefit from the nourishment of love- by grabbing a snack of conversation as we pass each other daily, on our way to what we consider- MORE IMPORTANT!👪 not just memories.”


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